How to Get “In the Flow” of Your Life

How to Get “In the Flow” of Your Life

You can quickly and easily get into the flow of your life by stopping for a minute to remember that everything you need, you already have inside of you.  You are a part of the infinite, and not separate.  Therefore, everything that is infinitely possible (not just logically or physically calculated to be possible), is possible through you. You just may need to take a few more steps, have a few more experiences, meet a few new people, or open a few new doors.  Your mind, body, and soul are always connected to the divine.  All you need to do is to remember that, truly believe it- and open to the flow.

To Those Who Have Abuse in Their Past- How to Overcome

To Those Who Have Abuse in Their Past- How to Overcome

This is another inspired writing- again, where I sit down and it comes flowing out, unfiltered, without necessarily being grammatically correct or academically organized.  I edit a bit for clarity, but otherwise try to leave the words and ideas intact.

 A Letter To Those Who Were Abused As Children:

You are not soiled.

Lift yourself up and own your brilliance and sparkle.

Cast off any feelings of shame, soiledness, or unworthiness.

You were abused.

That does not define your worth .  It does not make you “less-than.”

Because someone appeared to have power over you does not take away your brilliance- it does not diminish you.

They were in fear.

You are not.

You are not damaged or broken because of it.

Someone wrongly abused their power with you when you were a vulnerable child.

That has no bearing on you and your self-worth and self-confidence.

You do not have to live a life of lack of physical pleasure because of it.

Own your power and you can have everything you deserve.

You are eternal.

No mortal human has any authority over you.

You are connected to the divine and will always be worthy.

Any human who tries to take away another’s power is acting from fear, anger, and hurt themselves.

They will not gain power that way.

You know that.

So lift your head high.

Own your personal power.

And let no mortal acting from fear take away what is always yours to claim.



Love and Relationships- Through a Different Lens

Love and Relationships- Through a Different Lens

The following is an inspired writing.  These happen when I am led to my notebook and must allow the words and ideas to flow, exactly as they are.  These types of writings are not always grammatically correct, nor academically organized.  Depending on how choppy they are, I do my best to edit for clear understanding, while leaving the original word flow and ideas intact…..

*****************************************************************************IIs it possible to feel many aspects of love at the same time?

Yes, absolutely.

You may feel incredible highs and painful lows.  Things may feel as if they are out of your control.

They are.

Love is not something that can be controlled or put into a box.  It must be allowed to breathe and show up as whatever it looks like on any given day, in any given minute.

Sometimes it is all gussied up and dressed to impress, putting its best foot forward.

And sometimes it is ugly and snarly, trusting those closest to see all of its sides.

You cannot predict what side of love you will see from someone, and when.

It may feel warm and fuzzy, and it may feel like an emotional tornado.  If it normally feels warm and fuzzy, you may be left wondering what the heck happened.

If you’ve experienced a tornado, but love normally feels all warm and fuzzy- it is possible that it may just get dressed up for you again.

On the other hand, love may also have a few lessons to learn about what is acceptable behavior, just like a child.

If you allow love too much freedom to be just as it is, you may get stomped on.  In this case, it can be hard to recover from love’s stormy behavior.

So what do you do?

Guide love- by showing up in its highest form at every moment to the best of your own ability.

And then love yourself enough to know if it is being as honoring of you as it is of its own wild desires when it is coming through someone else, and choose how you wish to interact with it from there.

This is the most you can do.

Love, though it is wild in nature, does need to be refined and taught to be socially acceptable.

One cannot just let everything hang out and call it love.

There are guidelines for love, just like all other things.

It can’t be tamed, but it is expected to be kind.  Or it’s not being love.


Transferring My Blog from My Website to WordPress

Hello!  Welcome to my new,  transferred, and updated blog!

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