Let’s take a look at trust for a moment.

It’s great to have it.  It fact, it is a large part of what makes the world go’ round. We need to be able to trust others in order to create a healthy, harmonious, and joyful life for ourselves, as we must co-create with others in order to thrive and survive. Yet there are some people or situations that you shouldn’t trust.

How can you know the difference?

If you become still for a moment and tune into yourself, you will find that your intuition and gut feelings from your higher level self (not the self of your personality or earthly concerns) can assist you.  From this point of stillness and introspection, you can distinguish between what is actually true in the present moment, from what truth you may assign to the present moment based on fear from old wounds and traumas, before you make decisions.  Once you have done this, you will know that you are choosing from the highest truth of the situation, rather than based on your earthly self’s desire to protect you from something that carries a familiarity to a previous person or situation that caused you harm.

If you trust no one, your heart will remain closed and locked, and you will not find yourself open and flowing to all of the possible opportunities and experiences in your life.  For that reason, in order to live a rich and full life, it is important to uncover and apply loving kindness to your past traumas and wounds.  In healing those wounds, you will then find yourself able to approach the world with a healthy discernment and be more open to your life’s experiences.  We do not tend to engage with those people and experiences that we do not trust. Therefore, in order to fully engage in your life and allow everything that is beneficial for you to come in, you must readjust your filter, and allow your energy to continue to flow.

Trust yourself enough to heal.  You can (and will) do this.


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