When Life Gets Tough, Hang on.

When Life Gets Tough, Hang on.

Today’s post is another inspired writing, where I just write what comes, without much editing or proofreading.  I hope it helps someone who may benefit from its message.


When the road is long and you are feeling weary

Hang on.

Change is around the corner.


When you feel like you’re gasping for air or that no one around you cares

Hang on.

Change is on the horizon.


Believe it.

Feel it.

Be it.


Love is always here.

Even in your darkest days.


Believe in the power of love to heal hearts.

Believe there are better days coming.


You are part of the universe.

You are everything in the world.


Love yourself

And you love everything.


Love all.

Joy is inevitable.


Even if you can’t see it right now.

Believe it is hidden

And it will be revealed.

You are so loved.

What Does it Really Mean to “Show Up and Do the Work,” When You’re Trying to Achieve Your Dreams?

What Does it Really Mean to “Show Up and Do the Work,” When You’re Trying to Achieve Your Dreams?

Today I’m going to write a continuation of my last blog, and start with the question that may have been left slightly unanswered: “What does it really mean to show up and do your work?”

For those of you struggling to make career, relationship, and health goals a reality, you may feel like you’ve already done so much work. You’ve taken the classes, made the plans and goals, written the press releases, gone on the dates, been a good friend, been to college, and basically “done your time.”  So why can’t you manifest that which you desire?

Well, to start with, as I mentioned in the last blog, a big part of the formula is to trust and let go, but there is another component.  This one involves your perception of the word work, and is very closely related to a major theme of my book, Holding Space- A Guide to Supporting Others While Remembering to Take Care of Yourself First.  In the book, one of the concepts I cover is the difference between masculine and feminine energies, and how each of us have and use both, no matter what our physical gender is.

In brief, masculine energy is that of: plans, structure, doing, and the concrete.  It it the energy of bringing things into form.  Again, in brief, feminine energies consist of things such as: being, tapping into the creative field, and relationships.  Here’s the trick- the feminine must be entered into before the masculine can be utilized.  This may come as a shock, because Western culture has taught the exact opposite.  What this means is that you have to do the abstract work of be-ingbefore you can begin the concrete do-ing work that is also required to bring things into existence.  And then again, after you do your work in both areas, you have to let go and trust that the Universe/God/Spirit/whatever your believe in that is bigger than you, is working to fit the pieces together and bring you what you ordered, if it is indeed for your highest good.

So remember when you are showing up and doing your work, that the work does not only entail the concrete things you learned in school as a child, or at a job as an adult.  In order to be truly whole and  truly manifest that which you desire, you have to do the deeper emotional, spiritual, and healing work required to remove any unconscious blocks to your success.  You also need to be still enough to really get to know yourself and what you truly want to manifest, what’s honoring to you, and what isn’t.  Once you’ve done both types of work,  you must again trust that what you ordered will be brought to you in its right timing.  No need to be jealous of others or upset at yourself that you’re doing something wrong.  Tune in to that which is greater than you, follow your guidance and intuition, show up and do the work, and then trust.

Godspeed everyone!

Know Thyself, Live in Harmony

Know Thyself, Live in Harmony

Everyone loves the feeling that comes from being respected.  When we feel respected by ourselves and others, we feel more full.  When we feel this abundance, we then have enough overflow to give more to ourselves and to others.

Giving, receiving, and mutual respect in relationships feel good.  These things grow from understanding our needs and the needs of those around us. If we go often to the still place inside, we can get answers to questions we ask ourselves and our higher power about our feelings.  In doing so, we will be more aware of our needs as well as things that we need to work through to avoid projecting them onto others.

Harmony rises when we know ourselves enough to ask for what we need in each moment.  When we approach others with a need that has been discovered after an honest assessment of our emotional state, we won’t be as shy to ask for it to be met.  As well, if we are communicating with another who knows themselves well, they will usually be more understanding in their response to our request.

Respect will feel plentiful through the honesty that was given, and hearts will continue to open, adding to the love, peace, and harmony that we desire. ❤


New Book About to Drop- Any Minute Now!

New Book About to Drop- Any Minute Now!


Sneak peek of my new book cover.

Waiting on the final edit reviews/corrections of the final proof and then off we go!

Until then, here’s a little teaser…

“No matter what our story, above all else we all desire to love and be loved.  I believe that if we heal the wounds within ourselves first, and then within our partnerships, families, and communities, this is how we will eventually bring about the global peace and harmony that we wish to see.  This is true transformation from the inside out, not merely change from the outside in.  When we can do this within ourselves, our intimate relationships will be healthier.  When our intimate relationships are healthier, our families will be healthier.  When our families are healthier, our communities will be healthier, and so on.  It is of the utmost importance to first heal ourselves, then our relationships, our families, our communities, our world, and our universe.  If we attempt to change the world without this foundational healing, and attempt to re-build on a wounded separateness consciousness, we are again building our houses on sand.”   Amanda Dobra Hope-  from: Holding Space- A Guide to Supporting Others While Remembering to Take Care of Yourself First

Stay tuned to this blog, check out my website at: http://www.itsasyoulikeit.com, follow me on Twitter at: @amandadobrahope, or Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/itsasyoulikeit for more information as soon as it’s ready!



Here’s another inspired writing…


Be willing to see it and feel it bursting out of you.

Fall into it as you would a refreshing pool on a hot summer day.

Joy will catch you, just as the water in the pool, and is waiting to fill you with its magic.  You will feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Be willing to allow yourself to experience joy.

Ecstatic joy with no holding back.

Exuberant, overwhelming joy, in its purest and deepest form.

Allow it to catch you as you fall back into its splendor- and know yourself as worthy of the abundant excitement you will feel as it soaks into your entire being- mind, body, and spirit.

Know and allow joy- As much as you have known and allowed yourself to feel and re-feel the effects of pain, loss, grief, abuse, and regret.

Let joy be the elixir that washes your soul clean of those past hurts.

Renewal is at hand.

If you only decide to allow joy.

How Do You Trust, When You’ve Been Hurt Before?

How Do You Trust, When You’ve Been Hurt Before?

Let’s take a look at trust for a moment.

It’s great to have it.  It fact, it is a large part of what makes the world go’ round. We need to be able to trust others in order to create a healthy, harmonious, and joyful life for ourselves, as we must co-create with others in order to thrive and survive. Yet there are some people or situations that you shouldn’t trust.

How can you know the difference?

If you become still for a moment and tune into yourself, you will find that your intuition and gut feelings from your higher level self (not the self of your personality or earthly concerns) can assist you.  From this point of stillness and introspection, you can distinguish between what is actually true in the present moment, from what truth you may assign to the present moment based on fear from old wounds and traumas, before you make decisions.  Once you have done this, you will know that you are choosing from the highest truth of the situation, rather than based on your earthly self’s desire to protect you from something that carries a familiarity to a previous person or situation that caused you harm.

If you trust no one, your heart will remain closed and locked, and you will not find yourself open and flowing to all of the possible opportunities and experiences in your life.  For that reason, in order to live a rich and full life, it is important to uncover and apply loving kindness to your past traumas and wounds.  In healing those wounds, you will then find yourself able to approach the world with a healthy discernment and be more open to your life’s experiences.  We do not tend to engage with those people and experiences that we do not trust. Therefore, in order to fully engage in your life and allow everything that is beneficial for you to come in, you must readjust your filter, and allow your energy to continue to flow.

Trust yourself enough to heal.  You can (and will) do this.


To Those Who Have Abuse in Their Past- How to Overcome

To Those Who Have Abuse in Their Past- How to Overcome

This is another inspired writing- again, where I sit down and it comes flowing out, unfiltered, without necessarily being grammatically correct or academically organized.  I edit a bit for clarity, but otherwise try to leave the words and ideas intact.

 A Letter To Those Who Were Abused As Children:

You are not soiled.

Lift yourself up and own your brilliance and sparkle.

Cast off any feelings of shame, soiledness, or unworthiness.

You were abused.

That does not define your worth .  It does not make you “less-than.”

Because someone appeared to have power over you does not take away your brilliance- it does not diminish you.

They were in fear.

You are not.

You are not damaged or broken because of it.

Someone wrongly abused their power with you when you were a vulnerable child.

That has no bearing on you and your self-worth and self-confidence.

You do not have to live a life of lack of physical pleasure because of it.

Own your power and you can have everything you deserve.

You are eternal.

No mortal human has any authority over you.

You are connected to the divine and will always be worthy.

Any human who tries to take away another’s power is acting from fear, anger, and hurt themselves.

They will not gain power that way.

You know that.

So lift your head high.

Own your personal power.

And let no mortal acting from fear take away what is always yours to claim.